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02/05/2019 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

For beginners, SEO is a new thing and it is necessary to know the basics to get started. SEO tactics and methods keep on changing and it is predicted only by experimenting. However, there are some basic rules and methods that you should know before you can go on the advance methods of seo. Here we will discuss the basic approach to seo.


SEO Search engine optimization - basic approach


First of all we will discuss how to write an article:

How to write a SEO Optimized Article?

Content is still king and it cannot be replaced as the #1 strategy for search engine optimization. You should keep these things in mind for writing perfect SEO optimized article.

  1. Write a well structured headlines post. Start from <h1> and atleast go to <h4> type headings. Your main heading should be h1 and it must not repeat again in the entire website. There should be only one h1 heading in whole website as per some top SEO sites.
  2. Use keywords in your headlines. Cleverly place your keywords in headlines. Make sure that it does not look awkward when you read it. User experience must be your top priority.
  3. The recommeded article size is 300 words but the top ranking articles go for 1500+ words of articles.
  4. The content should be unique and should not be copied. Check it's plagiarisation with our plagiarism checker tool.
  5. Specify meta description so that users can know what is your article about and click on your result when showed on search engine.
  6. Use imgages, infographics and video if required in your content.
  7. Images should have alt tags.
  8. Give links to reliable sources if your content is derived from some research or study.

How to do on page optimization?

On page optimization is must for good seo ranking. The first thing that matters for on page seo is user experience. Make your page useful to the user. If the user is engaged with your content and you do not have messed up ads then surely it will improve wesites authority. As, Google will see user is spending more time on your site which is a positive factor. Make sure to use LSI keywords, LSI keywords are those keywords which search engines think is related to the target keyword like apple is also a fruit. So if you are targetting for apple then you must use fruit in your paragraph.

Other important things are Title, Page description, meta keywords (not much weight given by Google), meta description, code to text ratio, page load time, mobile friendliness and few other factors. Use our Website checker tool for checking these metrics of your site. 

The best way to rank any site is to post content daily.

This article will be updated soon with more seo tips. Keep looking for this space till then.


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